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Apps4Clubs - A smart and affordable Mobile App and Web service for clubs

Use the smartphone device as the media to communicate your club’s activities and achievements to your members and interested parties. Our unique service creates just the right connection you need for your club’s communication and management requirement.

Truly your app:
  • Your logos and (club) colors
  • Your structure and content
  • Your teams and groups                                                     
  • Your playing and training locations
  • Push messages for your articles and appointments sent in a timed manner

Optional and recommended:
The app with integrated homepage - so you only have to maintain your data once. The website and the mobile app are automatically synchronized

Function and Features of Apps4Clubs

  • You do not need a PC to create, change, or delete items. You can do this conveniently and on-the-spot with your smartphone. Of course, you can also upload pictures or videos. If you also use the homepage, the articles appear in real-time in the app and on your homepage!
  • Each article can be provided with a "push flag", i.e. you can actively share or create an article with your users. In the case of timed publication, the push message is sent at the time of publication, otherwise immediately

Users of the app can register for notifications for categories that you specify.

When writing articles or defining appointments, you can choose whether and when a push message is sent to the registered users.

You can choose between:

  • Immediate dispatch
  • Shipment 6, 24, 48 hours or a week before
  • Start of the event
  • Publication of the article
  • With the calendar function you have the appointments of your club under control. You can create individual or even recurring appointments, which are stored in a database. The system recognizes which dates are up-to-date and only displays them. For each appointment you have the possibility to specify a meeting point, in addition to the actual event.
  • You can also assign appointments to individual teams or groups, which then only display the corresponding relevant dates.
  • You can define whether push messages are to be sent for each appointment. Here you have the possibility to send the push message immediately, 6, 24, or 48 hours, or a week before the start time of the event. A combination of these times is also possible.

With this functionality, you can present the members of your teams or groups - like the pros - individually. For each member of a group / team, defined information is displayed in the app (or on the website). An image, first and last name and a freely definable text field are displayed as default. The data of the individual persons are managed in the member / player function and do not have to be maintained separately.

With the membership, team or group administration, you are able to map the structure within your organization and to use the data in a variety of ways.

You can, in principle, lead all members of all departments into it. From there, you can define your teams, groups, and coaches or leaders. This is then the basis for further functionalities like the

  • Team / group presentation
  • Presence documentation
  • Group-specific dates
  • Live ticker or even push messages

In your club, you are sure to record attendance lists to document training visits, attendance at work, or at work. With this functionality you create order. Your tutors can use the app (or the website) to document the presence of certain activities. Also the time of the presence can be entered and then reported. Your leaders will be glad about this technical support.

Do you offer courses, excursions or tours / exits in your club? This function allows interested parties to register for these events. They have full control over the participants and on the billing.

Each course / excursion is configurable, for example, the maximum number of participants, minimum age, price for members or non-members, etc.

This function can be used with either required registration or without.

Since this is standard on websites we have integrated Google Maps, so locations are always easy to find.

Price List

Service monthly annually
Mobile App Android & iOS 500 5000
Mobile App & Homepage 700 7000
Homepage only 500 5000

The following clubs already using the Apps4Club service

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