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AppMeetsWeb - The Standardized web and mobile solution for small and medium businesses

Mobile phones determine the communication of our time. The mobile phone with all its functions has long since replaced the PC as the most important medium of electronic communication. In the business sector, a professional homepage is nevertheless immensely important. The Internet presence is the business card of a company.

Implementing mobile apps in classic project development - whether for external presentation or mapping of internal processes - devour enormous amounts of financial resources. This is particularly difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises.

With AppMeetsWeb we present you now unimagined possibilities:

  • External web presence with integrated application functionality 
  • Intranet installations with applications supporting your business processes
  • Mobile apps on Android and iOS fully integrated to your external and/or internal websites
  • optionally standalone mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

Do you have requirements that go beyond the standard functionalities? No problem. We are happy to develop the appropriate solution for you within the framework of a project.

The following standard functions are included on all 3 platforms and can be selected by you:

  • Push messages to registered app users (individual or content-oriented)
  • Display of texts / pictures / videos / audio
  • Add / edit / delete articles in app
  • "Approach" with Google Map Integration
  • Cookie note (homepage)
  • Customer management
  • Order management
  • Appointment management 
  • Online appointment agreement / reservation
  • Staff presentation
  • Google Analytics evaluations
  • Can be combined according to your requirements
  • 2 Mobile platforms have by far the largest market share in smartphones. Android, the operating system of Google, which is used by many mobile phone manufacturers. And iOS, the system on Apple iPhone
  • AppMeetsWeb offers service functionalities on both platforms. This way you get not only one app, but actually two
  • Of course you can choose - just Android or iOS or both. Our service is as flexible as you are
  • Storage of the information in a central database in a German data center
  • Operation on 3 platforms (web, Android and iOS) including support
  • Continuous further development of the service on all 3 platforms
  • Adapt apps to new operating system versions of Android and iOS
  • Site- and time-independent access to company data
  • Separation of content and technology
  • Information is available in real-time
  • Increased data security