Real time Solutions

Hire our experts and develop your real-time system with Jubilant.

Real-Time Mobile Apps

Get an experienced team onboard for real-time mobile app development

Our real time mobile app development team has plenty of experience sorting out back-end system needs to make sure that your users’ data requirements will be fulfilled in real-time via mobile devices 24/7/365. This means, for example, that the system must be robust and fast enough to retrieve the appropriate information and make any necessary analysis for fast updates. Systems typically will have predictive capabilities to make it faster for them to supply end users with information from massive databases.

With a robust and responsive system in place for your real-time mobile app, you can monetize your information or offered services and improve the experience of your loyal end users, which is essential for maintaining your position in the market.

Real-Time Web Apps

Hire Jubilant for cost effective real-time web development to build your real-time web app

At Jubilant, our talented and knowledgeable developers have experience in creating outstanding real-time Web apps for a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

We have come to recognize that some entities will do much better with a Web app rather than a branded app, and we will devote our efforts toward helping you give your end users the app features they need while they’re out and about with their mobile devices as well as when they are at home or work and using a laptop or desktop computer.

Location Tracking Apps

Make an awesome location tracking app. Hire Jubilant for your project!

In the past, you’d have to get your workers to check in on a regular basis, calling or texting their location in support of your logistical requirements or to manage personnel by shifting them from one place to another. You’d never really have a way to find out if someone was slacking off on the job, taking a nap at home or an extra long lunch break before coming back to the office.

Now, because of the Global Positioning System network of satellites that orbit the Earth and widespread use of mobile devices, it’s easy to pinpoint someone’s location in real time and keep track of it.

A variety of people will benefit from location tracking apps. Business owners use location tracking to keep tabs on their employees. But parents also want to use location tracking apps to give themselves greater peace of mind about their children. Concerns about kidnappers and other criminals attacking their children, or worries that teenagers are off getting into trouble after school might lead parents to wish to place a tracking device on their child's smartphone.

Your organization may be primarily interested in getting a customized app to keep track of only your own employees. Or, you may be preparing to create a new app to help other companies with their own logistics or even to make life easier for parents who are worried about their children’s safety.


Benefits of a Tracking App

  • Once you set it up, it will keep working in the background for worry-free operation
  • No longer need to wonder if employees are goofing off or wandering out of their service area
  • In case of an emergency, you can quickly find out where a worker was the last time the app checked in with the system
  • Parents alarmed by kidnapping and other crime statistics will feel more comfortable about children being out in public on their own
  • You can use the tracking app to help you locate lost or stolen mobile devices
  • Families often wish to use a location-tracking app to make sure they stay together more easily, such as while on vacation or at any other group event

Real-time Dashboards

We have built real-time dashboards for analytics, social media, retail and many other industries

At Jubilant, we know that our customers often cannot get by with using a generic dashboard to get the most out of this kind of software solution. Our team will work with you to determine your special data needs and will create a customized real-time dashboard so you can work smarter and more efficiently.

Important Aspects of Real-Time Dashboards


You need powerful analytics to make sense of all the information pouring in and out of your company, from sales, social media, marketing and more. Use your dashboard to access this information at any time.

Social Media 

Social media is far too difficult to monitor effectively with human eyes alone. Use your business dashboard to stay on top of developments, including viral messages spreading through your online network of friends, to compliments and criticism that must be addressed immediately.


Sales is often one of the most dynamic departments in an organization. Getting access to real-time data through your new company dashboard will give you all better insight into the sales process.


What’s happening in the marketing department? The dashboard will let your team keep on top of events in real time.


Monitor the details of your company’s infrastructure, from environmental sensors to emergency alarms and the full range of equipment in your data center or factory floor.

Help and Support 

Is your help desk overwhelmed? The dashboard will help you spot problems, such as a bottleneck in the help team when trying to resolve certain categories of problems before it becomes a much bigger mess, with customers hanging up before reaching you.