Mobile Apps

Jubilant is known for developing high performance and scalable mobile apps. We have skilled and experienced resources for app development

iPhone App Development

Jubilant is a prominent iPhone app development company that brings together expert iPhone app developers to build extraordinary iPhone apps.

Our iPhone app development services are backed by an amazingly talented team of iOS developers who are experts in working with Apple and Mac exclusive technologies. Our brilliant designer team is reputed in mobile app industry for designing outstanding UI designs with minimalist approach that is perfectly suited for iPhone devices.

With an industry experience of more than a decade in app development, we have a lengthy range of excellently crafted iOS apps in Apple App Store.

We use advanced methodologies and technologies to make apps with a path-breaking interface and advanced features. Our core team of the best iPhone app developers in India uses the latest technologies like Swift, Core API, Cocoa Touch Development, SQLite database, programming tools such as XCode and Interface Builder to make exceptional iPhone apps.

We are the front-runner in the booming marketplace of iPhone app development companies in India as we deliver world-class mobile solutions to clients which offer exceptional user experience to iPhone users.

iPad App Development

Jubilant is an outstanding iPad app development company led by Mac proficient iPad app developers that are known for building spectacular iOS apps.

iPad has seen massive adoption within the enterprise market. A mobile device with easy touch navigation and a generous screen is helpful for the IT department for a number of purposes. Even if you do not have an app idea for the enterprise and educational apps also do very well in the iPad.

If you want to have an iPad app developed, you may employ our experienced iPad development team for your project. We have comprehensively learned and mastered the flat UI conventions to deliver the right aesthetics and experience.

Build your iPad apps for iOS 14.*

With a continual endeavor to excel we keep up with the industry standard every time and the same applies for iPad app development as well. We are currently designing in accordance to iOS 14.* conventions. In other words, you get the latest and the best.

Android App Development

Jubilant is a renowned Android app development company having proficient Android app developers that deliver exceptional results.

At Jubilant, our android app developers are proud to offer experienced development for Android apps.

We’re an app development company that believes in leveraging each app store to the fullest, but also making the most of the various operating systems out there. Android is very different from iOS, and our android app designers have the skills and experience necessary to capitalize on that difference. Our native Android app development services ensure that your app is optimized for speed, performance, look and feel on devices running different flavors of Android, from Ice Cream Sandwich to Marshmallow.

We infuse the platform’s DNA into your app. It’s more than building off the Android skeleton – our Android app developers design your app with the core qualities and capabilities of Android in mind. The result is an app that’s seamless, streamlined and designed to provide performance, power and offer a high quality user experience.

We have a comprehensive Android portfolio under our belt. Our android developers have grown exponentially in their Android skills. We have deployed Android apps across major industries and app categories. When it comes to making an app, we believe that full customization is the key, not the exception. 

PhoneGap Cross-Platform

Build Cross-platform apps with Phonegap. Build for one platform and deploy on all

Phonegap is undoubtedly one of the favorite cross-platform app development tools available on the market right now. You can build and deploy apps in no time with Phonegap. Phonegap makes it possible by providing reusable codes which saves a lot of development time and hence costs.

Many times, clients prefer simultaneous app development for Android and iOS within a slim budget and Phonegap comes out as a great tool to get that done.