Chat Bots

Our experienced bot developers offer quality services in developing customised bots for Slack, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Telegram Bot Development

Our developers utilize the latest Telegram bot API to deliver high-end bot development services to businesses irrespective of any industry

The telegram bot development process is pretty simple and our developers are familiar with it. Telegram has its own bot development API which is an HTTP-based interface for bot developers. Developers need to generate a token once the bot is created. The token serves as a unique code for identifying a specific bot.

Slack Bot Development

Our Slack bot developers help organisations innovate their existing workplace by developing slack bot tailored to their business needs.

There are a number of ways one can build a bot for Slack. Slack bot developers can pick a name for the bot they wish to create. Developers can also employ preexisting libraries for development which are nothing but a node-stack-client.

You may also tell your Slack bot development company to write the entire library from scratch. In that case your developer(s) need to write a few lines of code to make authenticated API calls.

Fb Messenger Bot Development

Our highly experienced bot developers offer best practices in Facebook Messenger bot design and development.

Our messenger bot developers employ bot engine to build Facebook messenger bots. The process involves generating a token.  After the token is generated, your bot development process will begin. The token is common for your Facebook page and app.

You can make one bot to manage multiple pages or make multiple bots to manage one or more. It really depends on the volume and nature of the interactions your business attracts from consumers.

After the bot is developed, it is tested and deployed for approval. You can then place your messenger bot link on your website for people to start conversing with your bot. You can also use the scan code and let people discover you from sources such as business cards, banners etc.